Bottom Container Grate?

What are you using for a grate in the bottom of your container? In a square 12 quart container I’m now using a square cooling rack from a toaster oven but it started to rust within two hours of its first use.

Usually don’t use one, haven’t needed to.

Unless your container is so full of food packages that water circulation is seriously impaired, or you haven’t adjusted your Anova’s position to optimize circulation, you won’t need a bottom rack either. If you are concerned about a flat item sitting on the bottom of your container just place a few pieces of stainless steel cutlery in the water first. Tines face down if you use forks, i wouldn’t.

Still concerned?
Then see for yourself. Near the end of your next SV cook add a few drops of food colour to the water and see how quickly and evenly it disperses, even right to the bottom. Water is a very effective and even heat dispersal medium.

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The one exception I’d say is when you’re cooking in jars (creme brûlée comes to mind) - I bought one of these for when I’m using jars in my sous vide so the bottom also gets the heat from the water:

It has to be stainless steel - chrome will rust at the weld points.

I bought this off Amazon for use in a Rubbermaid container. (Square, 12-quart) It works well for me.

LIPAVI Sous Vide Rack-Model L10- Marine Quality 316L Stainless Steel-Square 7.8 x 6.4 Inch-Adjustable, Collapsible,Ensures even and Quick warming with Sous Vide Cooking - Fits LIPAVI C10 Container

Thanks All, I’ll probably pick up one of those racks.

This post may be of interest: "Free flow" of water around food packets.

The Performix Plasti Dip coating has held up well since August of 2017.

They will eventually start cracking though - they weren’t designed to be used in water. Then you’d have bits of plastic and rust in your water.

I use a Lipavi Sous Vide Rack L-10, It works great and you can use 2 of them if you use a 27 qt. container.

They’re all “rubberized” (sealed) with the Plasti Dip. It’s like the stuff you dip tool handles in to get a rubbery grip on.

I also use the Lipavi Sous Vide Rack with success. Highly recommended, as it is adjustable, permits good circulation and comes in multiple sizes.

The problem with LIPAVI is that they seem to only treat the US fairly (and I think they’re a UK company). The pricing in Canada and the UK has been absolutely insane!!!

(I managed to stag one off of eBay in the US - only reason that I have one).

Received the Lipavi today. Looks great, sorry to see it’s made in china. Is it dishwasher safe? (it is)

Not sure about dishwasher safe, never really felt the need. I hand wash, rinse. I have used mine in 72 hour recipes several times. It is durable and I expect long time use. It packs (fold) down and has a Velcro wrap to secure in a compact size. I like the way it organizes my cooking, without the swimming bag issue.

I’ve modified the rack from an old dishwasher to fit into the bottom of my larger container. It works great for ribs or steaks as you can arrange them all in a row. I had both racks & carefully chose which would be better for what I was normally cooking. Best part is, it was free…