boxed frozen burger patties.

I am beginning a low carb lifestyle and want to know if I can take those frozen box burgers, 1/4lbs’ers? and do them SV

Should be no problem @Wobbles

Since you will be dealing with ground beef it would be safest to cook it to pasteurization rather than just heating it to the correct “doneness” temperature as you might with a steak. I think the process of grinding the meat increases the level of bacterial contamination and warrants the extra cook time required to pasteurize and ensure safe eating. So cook to at least 130F or greater.

Any advice from those with greater expertise? @chatnoir perhaps?

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Thank you.

Miro, not so much expertise thank you, just lots of learning experiences gained from failures.

Wobbies, “do them SV” doesn’t provide the Community with much detail for your planned precision SV cook.

1" hand-formed burgers need about 2 hours to Pasteurize at 135ᴼF/57ᴼC for safety resulting in a patty cooked just to the high end of medium-rare doneness. With a quick sear there’ll be a light pink interior. Any higher and you’re entering grey-town.

Do 3/4" burgers the same since you don’t disclose any details about the source of your meat and there’s often a lot of chewy bits and organ meat in boxed burgers.

The above time will be safe for frozen product too as long as you vac-pack burgers in a single layer.

Don’t let it get around but weight doesn’t matter in SV cooking, only thickness. The 1/4 lb. setting on a Hollymatic patty machine is about 5/8" thick so you’ll be safe.

In your new lifestyle are you eating the burgers right after cooking?
Good, because if you’re not you need to know a few other safe meat handling techniques for holding after cooking.

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Thank You.

At this Community it’s been said that, “Feedback is the Breakfast of Champions.”.

Better than a thank you, how about some details on the results of your SV boxed burgers?

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