Chamber vacuum settings


I got the chamber sealer some days ago and struggling with the settings a bit.

We used the chamber sealer for infusing/extracting only till yesterday.

Yesterday I vacuumed something and I’m facing some issues with the standard settings. Normal is set to 30 and strong to 40 as default.

I had a frozen meat where the bag was broken (previous sealer) so I vacuumed it with the bag from Anova and normal setting. But not all air was sucked out of the bag, so I opened it and used the strong setting, which did the job.

Then I vacuumed a feta cheese with the standard setting and had the same issue again and had to open the bag and use the strong setting again.

I haven’t seen any instructions when to use which setting for specific food. So for what is the standard setting used if not all air is sucked out? And for what the strong setting? I just had a look at the video and recognized that the setting where a lot higher. For an avocado they use normal setting which is on 60 and not 30 and strong at 90.

My VacuChef 40 (which broke twice) had also 2 settings and with the normal one the bags where vacuumed correctly.

Also if I change the setting of the sealer, means normal to 40 and strong to 50 or 60, it changes back to default if I unplug it, which is bad to be honest, as I have to remember or make a sticker for the settings I used previously till I have figured out the settings I would like to use in the future.

Also I have still some bags on a roll and just want to seal them to make bags out of that. The VacuChef was able to seal it without vacuum. It seems the Anova can’t do it as the minimum setting for vacuum is 10. Any ideas? I could buy a cheap sealer to do the job, but it is not the best option.

Second question, if I want to vacuum a jar, which setting to use here? I don’t want that the glass will implode if this can happen at all. I’m not sure about this.

So, has anyone an idea about the settings to be used?

Many thanks in advance!


I make bags from a roll using the normal setting at 10 seconds. It’s perfect. The only problem is that 10 seconds became the default setting. Thanks for letting me know it should be 30!

At least I could help. :slightly_smiling_face:

Is 30 second enough to vacuum on your sealer?

Here 2 pictures with sealed meat, with 30 second and 60 seconds.

You can also unplug the sealer, then the defaults settings are back.

I’ve got your 30-second result with a 90-sec vacuum…
I think that mine has a problem. :rage:
In fact, I’m currently using it just for infusion e still using the old air extractor for vacuum.

I’ve only had my chamber vac for a week and I originally thought mine was “defective” but it looks like I’m getting the same results as you. With the “normal” of 30 seconds, it’s not quite a full vacuum. This is a block of cheese and the plastic is still a bit “loose”. Once I do “strong” does the pouch completely hug the cheese.

For a block of cheese I need again 60
second. With strong it still looks like yours.