Only sealing in Anova vacuum chamber.

Is it possible to do only non-vacuum sealing in the Anova vaccum chamber?


Fernando Morán

If you can adjust the time to pull a vacuum, set it to 1 second if that’s possible. That’s what I do on mine, but It’s not an Anova so I don’t know if it will work.

I’ll try it. It is quite possible that it will work.
Thank you very much Ira

Well no, it’s not possible. The minimum that this machine allows is 10. I don’t know if there is another option.


@Macflito how do you adjust the amount of time? I thought it just had two settings — Normal (30 seconds) and Strong (40 seconds).

I hope this image serves as an answer.

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Yes, it does. Many thanks!

Easy. Hit the start button, after a few seconds hit the down arrow beside the timer. That will stop the vacuum and advance to the seal cycle. That way you dont have the change the timer every time! For example, I have my strong timer set for a much longer time. If I’m sealing something that needs less time I can hit that down arrow at the appropriate time and it seals.

Did you figure this out? A vacuum time of 10 seconds isn’t what I’m after. I want just seal. Thanks