Chicken confit

Great recipe. First try and it was delicious. Hard to get head around 8 hour cooking time but between that time and the spices used it turned out fantastic.
Thanks for providing method and recipes that really work.


Glad you loved the recipe! Was there anything about it specifically that you loved about it?

@berge, did you use this Chicken Confit recipe?

It has an 8 hour cook time (for a whole chicken). Can this be adapted to cook pieces (say leg quarters) and cooking time reduced (maybe 2 hours)? I’m not familiar with Confit, so might be missing something.

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Yes that is the recipe i used. The 8 hours i used was for the two leg/thigh pieces. I sent you a seperate email. It was GREAT😎

The tenderness of the meat and the flavor also. If i would change anything it would be to lower the amount of salt.