Continuing confusion

So chaps I’m a bit of a newbie but am totally confused, so if I want to cook a sirloin steak I can follow this for 10 hours:

or this for 1 hour:

what do I do ?

I have tried dozens of thicknesses and cuts … some good results some not, I really think I’m going to dump the thing and just give a bit of fillet a quick fry.

Welcome Roger, you may be surprised to discover both sets of instructions are correct.

Since dozens of cooking events with uneven results have left you totally confused, give up and enjoy your fried filet. For this cook, frying (sautéing) is always the superior cooking method for filet mignon. By attempting to understand the SV technique you are obviously wasting your time, efforts, and expensive food. SV cooking isn’t suitable for all cooks.

Seasoned Community members will immediately recognize the folly of comparing cooking times of sirloin steak to a sirloin roast and not recognizing the distinct difference and resulting cooking times.

Thank you chatnoir, I tend to agree … I bought a couple of nice sirloins today, reduce by 30% so £8 … a little thin so I’ll through them in a hot pan !

Enjoy, - and keep well.