Cooked Right, Not Warm Enough

We were given the Anova Sous Vide cooker for Christmas. Our first experiment, yesterday, was to cook two boneless thighs and one partial breast in two bags. Cooked at 145 for slightly under two hours. The chicken was tasty, done, tender. But, for me, it wasn’t hot enough. Will searing it take care of that problem without overcooking? Thanks!

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Hey @TedLehmann! Glad you’re enjoying it so far. 145 should be plenty hot when eating. Was it cooled by chance before cooking? Usually I start to notice things are sort of lukewarm around 130. Searing will definitely raise the exterior temp, and may be the solution!


Hello Ted! You are not alone in preferring your food piping hot, and I understand that 145ºF may not qualify for you though it is definitely hot enough to be perfectly cooked, as you said. The sear and immediate consumption thereafter may be just what you need, but I also recommend heating your plate either in the oven or very hot water for a few minutes to preserve the heat of your meal. It’s a service hack frequently used in restaurants, catering, and private cheffing all the time!