Lukewarm Food Temp

Hey all. Just purchased by Anova precision cooker and starting to try various recipes.

The other day I made a steelhead trout @ 52 deg. C (125.6 deg. F) for 25 mins. The trout came out done and it was tender & moist but it was lukewarm. Halfway through the meal it was room temp. Not the most pleasant experience.

Now I know a lot of sous vide recipes call for a finishing/searing step, but I opted against it this time since I took the skin off to make crispy chips and didn’t want to put a crust on the fish. Is this how most people are getting that hot temp feeling into their sous vide food? With the last minute searing?

Thanks for any tips!

I wonder if this is more a serving issue rather than a cooking one. If the food is seared too long it will overcook. When I have fish I always serve it on very hot plates. This seems to help keep the food warm a bit longer.

Yes. I know exactly what you mean. I have these wilton armetale shiny aluminum serving platters that I heat up at around 100C in the oven and serve most fish off of those. It keeps the fish warm without any risk of overcooking.

One big tip used by most restaurants is to heat up the plates that you serve on. Either on low temp in the oven or a couple of minutes in the microwave. When you serve food on nice hot plates you’ll notice it takes much longer to cool down.

You can also cover the fish loosely with foil until just before you serve it?