Cooking Beef Cubes

I want to make Vietnamese shaking beef but not use tenderloin and wanted to know what would be the recommended cooking temp and time for beef cubes you buy for stew at the store.  I was looking at about 133F but not really sure for how long. 

The time for sous vide cooking is more based on the thickness of the meat than anything else. If the cubes are about 1 inch thick, then at least an hour and a half. 

You will be better off buying a single, moderate cost, piece of beef to sous vide (Google is your friend). You would cook the single piece, or cut the large piece into “steaks”, to the desired state and then cut it into cubes. The problem with cooking meat cubes in a vacuum sealed package is there are numerous air pockets and it is far less efficient compared to cooking larger pieces of meat.

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Have you tried making sous vide Bo Luc Lac Jimmy?  If so, could you please share?  I'm hoping to add the sous vide twist to cathyhacooking shaking beef.