Thick beef fillet

I want to sous vide a large beef fillet.
It is 2kg, about 400mm long and 70cm thick
How long should I cook it for. Medium rare

Tim, is that a whole beef tenderloin? Your 70cm thick is impossible.

Could it be 70mm thick?
If so cook at 55ᴼC for 4 hours, that’s enough.
It needs a very hot and quick sear to finish for optimum flavour and appearance.

Before vacuum packaging fold the thin end back and tie in place so your filet is about the same thickness throughout and it then cooks evenly.

Roasts that long are more manageable when cut in two equal pieces.

When you invest that much in a piece of meat you might find it useful to also invest in gaining more knowledge about SV cooking. However, relying on internet based information can be risky as the American Presidential elections are approaching.

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70cm should be 70mm

Thank you.

An update…

It is 2kg, about 400mm long and 70mm thick

Seasoned meat with salt and pepper and then seared it until brown all over. Searing took about 3 minutes
Then sous vide’d it for 3 hours at 56ᴼC
Then browned it, for about 2 minutes

Thats the prob with the metric system for those of us who grew up with Imperial measure. no one confuses inches and feet

Agreed Hammer, it takes time and some thought to become familiar with Metric.

I was to simply trying to lead the focus of SV cook plans towards only thickness. Weight and length don’t matter. Giving up conventional cook-thought can be a challenge.

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That isn’t true, I’ve seen someone write something like 70’ when they meant 70", which is actually a little further out than cm vs mm. If anything it is easier to get the ’ & " wrong as they are made with the same key on the keyboard.

One other little thing, cm should never be used, it is a very non-SI way to measure. It should always be mm (or μm, km, m, etc) avoiding cm saves a lot of potential for errors.

I’ve always let it go longer than I think is necessary, it’s not in any danger of overcooking in sous vide. I’m mean, don’t leave it for a week or anything… :neutral_face: