Cooking Eggs in the Shell

I have time and temperature tables to cook eggs in the shell, but I haven’t been able to figure out how to best package them. I was afraid to put the eggs by themselves in the water bath in case they cracked, which would then expose the unit to the egg whites. I tried using a Ziplock, but at least with more than one egg per bag (I made 8 eggs so I put 2 per bag), I couldn’t get out a lot of the air due to the shape. I ended up adding water to the Ziplock bags before sealing to get the air out. I figured that would give good heat transfer, however it may have added to the time needed to reach temperature equilibrium due to the need to heat up the water in the bag, causing the whites to be looser than expected. Any suggestions?

Point the impeller away from the eggs and dunk them in. Let them warm to room temp first if you’re worried about the shell cracking, no need for bagging.


“Snotty” egg whites are difficult to avoid when cooking eggs low temp, I put my eggs directly in the water and had the same result. The issue is discussed here in some detail.

Chefsteps suggest putting an egg in at 75c for… 15 minutes? I think. Look up the recipe. Supposedly gives a nice solid white and a nice yolk.

Despite trying lots of “perfect egg” time/temp combinations, I’ve found them all not-quite-perfect. The 75c/15min using the chefsteps calculator also the times at 75c in Baldwin’s book leaves the white a little too loose and the yolk a little firm for my liking. Next test is 78 deg for 12 mins (14cm circumference eggs). Will post results.

I used the Chefsteps egg calculator adjusting for egg size and temperature. I thought my whites might have been too loose because of the extra time to heat the water in the Ziplock bag I used, but it does seem like it would have been better to use a higher temperature and shorter time to cook the white better and have a more runny yolk. I suspect the other problem is that after I added the eggs it took a while to get the temperature back up to target. I suspect that would have been less of a problem if I started with a larger pot and more water.

I’ve been putting my eggs loose into the water and not having any issues. Occasionally there will be some current kicking around, but like someone said, adjusting the angle of the “exhaust” seems to fix things. Even clanking around I’ve never had an egg crack in the pot.

The runny whites are hard to avoid, but really easy to discard. There are two kinds of white in play, and getting them both cooked to the same level is near impossible.

If your whites are too loose after cooking a “soft” egg, I read a suggestion somewhere to put the egg on a slotted spoon and let the more runny parts of the white drain into the sink. This has helped me create much nicer looking “onsen tamago” eggs.

There is a really good YouTube of how to get a beautiful egg…It’s using Codlo but if you watch it to the end they show how to get a beautiful spherical egg by running it under tap water… Can’t wait to try it…YouTube is titled Awesome Eggs with Codlo.

167 degrees for 13 min. Temper the eggs first by running warm water over them if taking them directly out of the frig. Also I’ve been successful in submerging a small bowl in the pot and placing the eggs in it so they don’t roll around. Just experiment and you’ll find your way…

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