Sous vide eggs then frying them to get hardened whites and soft yolks

My wife loves fried eggs. She hates runny whites but loves runny yolks. Has anyone tried partially cooking the eggs in their shells, bring the whites up to close to setting, with the yolks in the centre still cool, then frying them in butter? I am after temperature and time suggestions.


I think you will be frustrated trying to cook them the way you suggest. I think as you add more heat in the pan to finish off the whites the yolks will harden up.

Here is an alternate thought; cook yolks and whites separately.

Here is a recipe for perfect yolks:

Just before they are done fry up the whites in butter. You could could cook the whites in rings and reconstruct the egg for her. This would be good on a piece of toast.

Please report back on what happens.

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This egg calculator is marvellous and your wife will have her perfect eggs!

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One thing to also note is that the size of the eggs makes a difference in the timing. We get eggs from a farm and they are normally much larger than those seen in stores. We also get a fair number of double yolks. I think they may be ones that do not fit the normal size grades.

With the larger eggs I have found that I need to add some time to get the perfect results. Conversely if you use smaller eggs experiment with less time.

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