Cooking red meat at 70C

Hey all, need to cook some red meat at 70C due to a certain someone being with child. She has been advised meat needs to be cooked at this temp while pregnant. Who am I to argue? :wink:

I assume I can just up the temp to this and cook it the same time and it’ll be “well done”. I also assume I can pull the other meat out at, say 45 mins, for a less cooked version. Oh and it’ll be rump steak and about an inch thick.

Any other options?


Actually, I’d cook hers first. Then let the bath cool down to your lower temp and drop the other steaks in.

The extra time won’t make the well done steak any tougher - and keep them all warm, so you can finish them all together.

Also, the time - you really don’t want to shorten your time to produce a “less done” version - that’s what temperature’s for. If anything, taking things out early will result in uneven cooking. Not a desirable result.

I’d likely be cooking them for an hour at least.

If you haven’t seen them, the steak guide over on serious eats and the information (including thickness guidelines) over at Douglas Baldwin’s site have a plethora of information on making the perfect steak. :slight_smile:


If she is normally a medium rare person, Sous Vide can pasteurize at lower temps. Traditional methods, yea, it needs cooked well done for pregnant/compromised immune systems, but sous vide can provide the same level of pasteurization just over a longer period of time. So a steak that reaches 70C is immediately pasteurized, but the same steak cooked to 55C and held for the 3 hours is also pasteurized!