Cooking time for two steaks to the same temperature

This may be a silly question, but do I need to adjust the cooking time if I am cooking two 10-12 oz. steaks at the same time in the same pot to the same level of doneness whether in two separate bags or both in the same bag?

No. With sous vide, cooking time is dependant on the thickness of your steaks; not on the number of steaks. As long as you don’t stack the stacks within a single bag the cooking time will be the same regardless of the number steaks (as measured from the time that your water bath returns to the desired temperature after introducing the steaks). If you stack two one-inch steaks in a bag you’ve essentially created a two-inch steak and heat energy will take twice as long to penetrate to the centre.

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Thank you for your quick and thorough reply. I cooked my first meal, a 12 ounce prime grade tenderloin streak, yesterday and the results were absolutely amazing!!

CA, prime grade tenderloin is an easy one. Imagine your delight when you have the same, or possibly better, outcome with an inside blade roast, outside round, or similar tough piece of meat.

You are off to a great start!

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I did two 1-1/4” NY Strip steaks last evening, put both in the same vacuum bag, but not stacked. Sous Vide set to 130 degrees for two hours, couple minutes in a hot oil cast iron pan. Perfect Medium Rare which is my goal.
Good luck.

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