How to cook 2 32oz steaks

My husband has just bought 2 32oz sirloin steaks , How do I cook them? I was wondering do I need to cook longer as they are bigger or do I just use the app as normal . Thanks

Ideally, you want each steak in its own vacuum sealed bag.

The information on Serious Eats for sous vide steak is phenomenal:

They detail quite well how cooking time will change your steaks.

Also, you want to adjust your cooking time based not on the weight of the steaks, but the thickness (this is also why you want them in separate bags - if you had them overlapping each other, it would raise your cooking time considerably!).

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If you can do the side by side in the same bag, it would also work.

The website is definitely worth spending time with. Times mentioned in the App (if you’re using it) are based upon the SeriousEats data but tend to use steak cut 1.5" to 2" thick. The website goes somewhat further in depth and covers decreasing the time for a steak that is cut only 1" thick as well as other variables.

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