Top Sirloin Cooking Question

Trying to cook the Top Sirloin recipe in the app (there is only one). Problem is the recipe calls for four 6oz steaks. I have 4 steaks that are total weight of 2.112kg. What time and temp does the community suggest? With thanks, Aaron.

What thickness are they? Weight really matters little when it comes to working out how long to get things up to tempetature. Work on about an hour per inch.

After that there comes cooking for tenderness (collagen conversion). This is a product of time at temperature. This is where you can look at the recipe and judge. Provided you’re cooking at 130F and over there is going to be little difference in a couple of hours over the recipe’s recommended time.

Sous vide is not a method where you must rush to act when the timer hoes ‘ping’…

And just in case Ember’s mention of weight not being a factor does not make it clear, the number of items being cooked also pretty much does not matter. As long as you’ve room in your bath to allow water circulation around all items being cooked the time and temp settings will pretty much be the same for one item as they are for 10.

Just clarifying what Mirozen said there. You need to make sure you don’t stack your items. As long as you’re not increasing your thickness, you’re not increasing your cooking time.

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Note to Anova Folks: It would be useful, particularly to newcomers, if the recipes provided here would move from weight-based portions to details of thickness. Barbara Freda did helpfully disclose the recipe’s steaks were judged thick, a little over an inch, thus giving them a longer cooking time.

Aaron, those are some big steaks you have.
How thick?

The Community aways suggests you cook your steaks the way you like them to be done. If you are a decidedly medium doneness person you will find the recipe’s result to be under done. Her steaks are cooked at the low end of medium-rare although that detail is not specifically revealed.

You can feel confident in following the recipe if your steaks are similarly thick and you are in agreement with the degree of doneness. Remember she is using grass fed beef, therefore it might be better aged and more tender and flavourful than yours. Only you know. Ember’s recommendation of adding a couple of hours is advisable. I would too.

An advantage of Sous Vide cooking is there’s no need to let steaks rest before serving unless they have been subjected to a longer than usual sear. Temperature equilibrium has already been achieved during the cook and you are only going to annoy the meat and your diners by standing around for five minutes before service.

I think that chatnoir, ember and others have it correct. In recipes, they need to have
the thickness stated. It would sure help me.