Delayed Start Option


When is supposed to implement delayed start. I have a sous vide cooker at home, and the only thing I miss is delayed start. I would like to eat in the morning when I wake up… so wifi option does not solve that, if mobile app does not support that.
The quickest solution for all Anova users would be by app delayed timer, that would send command to Anova cooker after delayed time is finished.

Please be responsive…


In an attempt to be responsive to the needs of SV Breakfast Clubbers everywhere, perhaps Anova’s product development team could produce an insulated all-in-one appliance that combines a refrigerated water bath and integral heating circulator with a variable controller to enable a safe delayed start based on the specific item to be cooked or reheated.

The delayed start component is easy. Airline in-flight catering systems have be doing it for over five decades. It’s getting an ever variable when-to-start product dependant function right that’s challenging.

“An insulated, all-in-one appliance” is going to be more along the lines of your traditional sous vide appliances in terms of pricing…not sure Anova wants to try to compete in that market.

All everyone wants is a basic scheduler - it’s up to the individual to determine how long their particular vessel will take to come up to their desired cooking temperature (through experimentation). Ratio of ice/water, how well insulated the vessel is, volume, how well sealed it is, ambient room temperature and even elevation will all contribute to the warming ramp-up time.

Basic feature, not a lot of excuses as to why we never got it (closing in on 3 years that customers have been asking for it).


+1 No excuse not to have this feature. This long, either development has stopped on the app or they are afraid of frivolous lawsuits for under cooked meat. I personally wouldn’t sue my oven manufacture if the power went out on it and I was dumb enough to eat it, or left chicen to cook in it with a 12 hr delayed start.

Requested simple features like this going into a memory hole seem to be par for the course just like the alexa skill was removed. Here I was hoping it’d be a simple matter to cut down on 30 mins to an hour of preheat time by setting the cooker to start heating an hour early but i guess asking for simple features from a smart device I paid extra for wifi control is too much to ask.

Seriously this thing isn’t just a simple physical interface why exactly? An app and wifi and bluetooth hardware just to use it as a remote control and egg timer. The only remotely smart thing this device does is the ice bath and even that had to be rolled back for ages.

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Any update? Checking in in 2019 :slight_smile:

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Wow, how is this not a feature I just bought this as a second circulator because I was under the impression that the Anova was capable of this. Even my cheap Chinese circulator has this feature :man_facepalming:t3:

The company behind the cheap Chinese unit is probably not concerned about being sued should the use of the delayed start be found to be the cause of a death by food poisoning.

Surely there would be a simple way of adding a disclaimer and even making it “pop up” when a person went to use the functionality the first time stating not to be retarded and use some common sense and do some basic research if you’re unsure

You have seen the world we live in today. Idiots have to be protected from themselves. No one takes responsibility for their own actions. Burn yourself with takeaway coffee and it’s the cafe’s fault for making the coffee too hot.


Yeah I know that we have to cater to the lowest common denominator but surely it wouldn’t be an impossible task to create a watertight disclaimer that covers the company from litigation or even allow people to create the modification “at their own risk”

Well, not all food left at room temp for a few hours will get you sick! :slight_smile:

One more vote for this function, it is perfect when you’re preparing a big dinner.