Anova Precision Cooker - Set a Timer

Hi everyone! Just got my APC today, and I’d like to know if it’s possible to set a timer, after which, cooking at a pre-defined temperature and time will take place?

Say, turn APC on, meat on a recipient with ice, set timer for 9h for a cooking time of 2h at 54C. Will it start heating up the water after 9h, and once the water is at temp, will it cook at that temp for 2h? Is this possible to do via the app and/or on the APC itself?

If possible to do via the app, has any of you tried doing it from outside your house, by remotely accessing your network, and then logging in into the APC via the app? Thanks!

there is the (in)famous icebath feature available … but only on the old wifi model, … and only with some versions of the app

Sorry I can’t really help more than that

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Simple answer is no. Ice bath ‘feature’ was withdrawn again sometime around the newest model’s release and that was the only food safe method of delayed start.

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That’s a bummer, but I get the point of it. Thank you for your reply!

Thank you for your reply! It seems like the good old fashioned ice bath will need to do.