Preheat water by a specific time?


I recently purchased the 800 watt version. I’m using a 12 quart bath (filled with 9 quarts of water). Sometimes it takes 40-50 minutes to heat the water up. That’s almost an hour added to the total cook time. Is there any way to set the timer so that it will automatically turn on and start preheating the water so that it will be ready to start cooking by a specific time?

For example: If I usually get home from work at 7 PM, can I set the timer so that it will start preheating the water at 6 PM? That way when I get home at 7 PM, I just have to drop the pre-sealed food into the bath and come back at 8 PM to eat it.

Thanks in advanced!

Pre-heating time varies a lot. It depends on the amount of water, the insulation of the container, even the room temperature. I think you have to just learn based on the setup you have and allow for that much lead time.

Err… that is supposed to be the benefit of the WiFi version. You can turn it on remotely so that it is hit when you are ready to cook with it.

If you want it to head faster either use an insulated vessel or a smaller one.

Just start with hot water.

This topic has been asked before actually. Word we got back was that a scheduler function is on the list for an upcoming version of the app.

Until then, as Ember stated, you should use your capability of connecting to the APC remotely (provided you leave it on before you leave for work) to kick off the preheat remotely. (you could leave yourself a reminder in your calendar, so you don’t forget) :slight_smile:

Do we know if the OP actually has a Wi-Fi unit?

The original Wi-Fi units were 800W, but the recent ones have all been 900W for some time now. The BT units have stayed at 800W.

Thank you for the replies. I do have the 800 watt bluetooth model. I guess I will have to look into upgrading to the wifi version eventually and/or investing in an insulated vessel.

An app update would be great! Maybe, in the meantime, I could find an IFTTT script to trigger the wifi version to activate at a specific time.

I have tried boiling a kettle of water and dumping it in and it did does reduce the time.

Thanks everyone!

I have the BT model and I run it in full manual mode (temp set with dial, use a thermoworks timestick trio timer). I often will use a large stock pot over a burner on the stove for the SV. I will run that stove burner on high to help the temp come up, and then cut the heat from the stove about 5F degrees before the target temp is reached, Speeds things up and takes a load off of the Anova heating element.