Avoid the need to start timer? Sort of solved

Ah. After reading a few other threads I see that the general idea is to not use the timer. very sad issue that seems to need addressing for a gadget that is being sold as BT-Wifi based for a feature.

Apart from the other horrid behaviour of my BT-based Anova software, my gripe at every cook is that I am told that I have to start the timer after the bath has reached temperature. Is there any way around this?

If I am doing an all day cook while I am not there, I could be forced to wait maybe 30-40 minutes for the bath to warm, then set the timer, and that hardly works in a time-poor society. I have another make of “agitator” and it just gets up to temp then starts timing, which I feel is what should happen.

I discovered this problem when I came to check the cook and the machine, with food in the bath, was holding temperature, but with no timer showing. Luckily I had a fair idea of how much time was left and could restart the cook with the remaining time set.

That is wrong.

Any help appreciated.


What about using hot water from the tap close to the temp you need, them start the timer.

I use an electric tea kettle to add boiling water to an initially half filled bath. A couple kettles of boiling water brings the temp of the bath up to any high temp I want in just a few minutes. I hope this approach works for you.

I don’t see why you bother to use the timer feature of the Anova. Why not use your phone (even handier as it lets you not have to be in the room when the timer goes off) or just a regular kitchen timer.

Good luck.

Great minds work alike! I use my sink faucet (in a hose) if the target temperature is around 130. If the target is higher (150 or more), I put on the kettle!!

The timer feature is useless and a PITA to get to if you do want to use it for some reason. Just set a kitchen timer or your phone.

I’ve also given up on BT since it has a range of about 2 nanometers…

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I usually cook in a stock pot. I fill it at the sink, then put it on the cooktop, turn on the heat until the temperature is almost hot enough. I then turn off the burner immerse the Anova and start it. Overall, I save over 20-25 minutes of waiting time…

Yep, the timer function is pretty much useless. I like using the calendar app in my phone for longer cooks (has the added advantage of making sure I don’t make other dinner plans the night that a cook is wrapping up) :slight_smile:

I’ll just use the timer app in my phone or watch if it’s a shorter cook.

Always better to start with hot water from the tap to minimize how much work the APC needs to do to heat the bath.

ALL appliances are engineered for X hours of use - be it 100,000’s or 1,000,000’s hours of use, you’ll prolong their longevity by not making them work harder than you need to.

I use a small 10L cooler to cook in which is much better at keeping temperature for long periods of time, also the ANOVA works less to maintain the needed temp.

Warming the water using the ANOVA itself is super fast when I do this and havnt worried about putting the food in as it’s warming to temp. Usually takes 1.2min per degree Celsius. my hot water comes out at 45.6 Celsius so to get around 50~60 Celsius or so for cooking is around 15min.

I also use a kettle to speed up the original temp if I am in a hurry… It still takes time. I want to get tap water and my cook in the bath then walk away to whatever.

This totally unnecessary step of having to start the timer is useless.

Yeah…don’t use it…but that communication is Anova’s selling point…basically all circs are equal…heat water…pump water around a container.

And if I lose BT contact with the cook, the software just falls over. Random results. "Your food is done " etc.

I use a simple kitchen timer after adding the food to the water bath. I start with hot tap water, then let the Anova heat the water to the set temperature while I season the food and vacuum bag it. By the time the food is ready to cook, the water temperature is about right. BTW, I set the temperature manually, too. I tried using my phone with a WiFi connection and just found it simpler to use a manual setting. I use a layer of washable ping pong balls to minimize evaporation.