Preheating Water

Can you preheat your water bath on the stove? Also, after I put my food in the bath the water drops temperature. Do I wait for the temp to rise before I start timing?

Hmm…water from the stove might get too hot, then you might have to wait for temps to drop and cool if it’s above temps. I usually just use hot water from the tap to cut heating times.

If it’s just a few degrees of a drop, and only needs a few minutes to get back to where it needs to be, you don’t need to wait to start timing. But for peace of mind, you can wait for temps to rise again before you start timing.

Just manually start the Anova a bit earlier for preheating before trying to start from a recipe on the app. While hot water from the tap can shorten preheat times, it’s often too hot out of our tap for some recipes and I prefer to just manually start the Anova a bit earlier.

A larger pot or container with more water will also buffer the few degrees of drop when adding cold, even frozen food.

Thanks. This helps. I’m working on perfecting poached eggs. Any tips?

I do my poached eggs at 167° F for 15 minutes. I use farm fresh Jumbo eggs; if you use large the time may be lowered to 13 minutes. You need to do a little experimenting to get eggs just the way you want them. There are a number of different time/temperature combinations that work. Key is finding one you like.

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I always pre-heat it takes allot of time otherwise. Just slip a kitchen thermometer in to check temp. Hint if it gets too hot add a hand full or two of ice.

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@Tom_Cormie good one. Never thought of that.

Cold water does the trick even quicker, if you have the space.

Cold water would work faster than ice? @niXta

Yep, the ice has to melt first, before that it has a small contact area.
The water gets blended and thus has a much larger area and instantly changes the temp.

The ice changes the temp slower but to a lower temp in relation to the water/ice volume added.
It’s easier to dose water and hit the exact correct temp. But you have to have more room than you would have had with ice.

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Learned something new today! Thanks! @niXta

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Yes preheated the bath to 167, put my jumbo egg in and waited 13 min. At first temp dropped to 165 but came back up in about two mins. My egg had been refrigerated so I expected the drop. Egg a little under cooked. Tomorrow I will try 15 Minutes.

Thanks John

Eggs are a little tricky because size and initial temperature make a difference. I try and let mine come up to room temperature first but it is not necessary. Once you get a batch cooked to your liking it is easy to repeat the process for very consistent results. Also, try hard boiled eggs if you like them. You have complete control over how done the yolk is.

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I just put the anova PC in the stock pot and set the temp I want and turn it on before turning on the stove burner. The PC will beep when the temp gets close, telling me to shut off the burner.

Science! Thanks

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