Water Temp Drop/Cook Time

Hey, Im new to sous vide...I had a question about the temp drop when adding food and how it effects your overall cook time.
Im trying to poach eggs using the  Aki Kamozawa  Ideas in Food method

when adding the eggs the temp drops several degrees and takes about 3 minutes to rebound back up to 75c
My question is, do I start the cook time as soon as I drop the eggs regaurdless off starting temp? Or do I wait until the temp stabilizes and then start the timer.

If you are setting the cook up via the mobile app using either iOS or Android, it should not matter.   The count down timer will only start once the selected temperature has been reached.   I almost always when starting a cook will pre-heat the water bath to the desired temperature, add the food and then start the program.  If the temp drops, the PC will restore the water to the selected temp and then start the count down timer.

Doing a cook manually seems to be a different story.  I have tried to use the touch pad to set time and temp, but the timer always seems
to be absolute.  Once the program starts, the PC will start to warm the water, but the timer is already counting down. Not sure if its me or the device, but I don’t get the cook experience as using the mobile app.

Hope that helps.

Yes for eggs start the time immediately. Eggs are one thing that are really time dependent. Getting a poached egg just how you like it may take a few tries. Some things I do id to always use the same size eggs and to have them at room temperature before I start. Hard boiled eggs are easier to time and after a while you can easily control how done yo want the yolk. For hard cooked eggs also cool them quickly in ice water to stop the cooking. You want to be there for eggs so I would not use any mobile app for them.