Newbie egg question

When doing eggs can you put them in the cold water and then set the app? Or will bringing up the water temp then starting timer when it’s to the correct temp throw off results of soft cooked and hard cooked?

Hello @amusesings - unlike most food you cook sous vide, the timing on eggs can be critical to get a good result. Since everyone has a different size water bath, and different ambient temperatures in their kitchen, the amount of time your water will take to get up to temperature will vary considerably from everyone else, and will therefore affect the timings by a lot. For consistent results you should bring the water up to temperature before dunking the eggs. 

Saying that, with steak, chicken etc, I happily put the vacuum sealed food straight from the fridge or freezer into the water when I switch the Anova on, adding 10 minutes from the fridge or 30 or more from the freezer to the cooking time, but you will need to experiment to get the ideal times for your own circumstances. Good luck!

Thanks so much. That helps a bunch

Like Simon mentioned eggs are time and temperature sensitive. I always have the water heated before starting to cook them. You also may want to constrain them so they don’t crack. Here is how I do it.