Do I have to preheat?

I want to cook eggs. Let’s say it’s 167 at 13 minutes (I don’t remember right now). Do I set the temp and time, put in my eggs and push play, or do i have to preheat to 167 before putting in the eggs?

BTW, if you have to preheat, I’m not finding anything in Anova manuals that says so.

Douglas, with time sensitive foods like eggs always preheat to the temperature set point. Large items like roasts that cook for many hours have less critical cooking times and can be immersed while preheating.

Otherwise, the temperature of the eggs would depend on the significant variable of water volume.

It’s like baking a cake. I hope you wouldn’t put the cake in the oven and then start heating the oven.

I agree always preheat the water for eggs. You will overcook them if you don’t.