First receipe, ming's benedict does not work

I follow the receipe and it does not work (very under cook)! What i do wrong? Size of eggs? Temperature of eggs at start? Help me…

Eggs are one of the things that are very sensitive when it comes to time and temperature.  Ming’s recipe directs you to cook at 147° F for an hour. I have found when doing eggs that initial egg temperature and size alter the recipe. Also how well done you like the poached egg also plays into the equation.

I do my poached eggs differently; I cook them at 167° F for 15 minutes. I use farm fresh Jumbo eggs; if you use large the time may be lowered to 13 minutes. You need to do a little experimenting to get eggs just the way you want them.

So, eggs are not the first thing you should start. Thanks for your help. By the way, i foud anova very easy to use and quiet.

I think most people start with steaks or pork tenderloin. They have turned out great for me. I now buy tenderloins in a sealed pack of 4. I repackage 3 of them then freeze and cook one. I now have 3 ready to go whenever the mood strikes me.

Another factor with eggs is their freshness (as with conventional methods). The only eggs I would recommend starting out with are hard boiled. They turn out wonderful and there is little debate about when they are done.  I did a post a while ago on my attempts to perfect scrambled eggs. In the end they were delicious and tender but I invested far too much time getting there.