Poached Egg failure

I have been using the Anova for a couple of years now and generally have great success. However, with poached Eggs, I always have the same issue.

I sous vide for 60-120 minutes at 145. When I open the eggs I put in a fine strainer. (Not much liquid comes out at this stage. )

Just about every time, even straight out of the shell the yoke is almost separated from the white. Then after a quick poach this is what they look like:

Any suggestions?

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I’d suggest trying a little hotter. Just a few degrees. Try 149F to see what difference it makes. You shouldn’t need to go beyond an hour.

Eggs are certainly something that take some fiddling and adjustment, but they’re worth it.

Also, you need to use the very freshest eggs. The white breaks down as the egg ages. If you can, try using eggs that are of a known age. During the first week from the chicken is the best time for soft boiled or poached.

Eggs are tricky, a discussion on times and temps can be found here:

Another thing I have noticed is that size matters. For the various degrees of done there is a small window of time at each temperature. I have found that always using the same size egg matters especially when making soft eggs. I like using medium for soft ones. Ember is correct that you want the freshest eggs possible. This is where a notebook comes in handy. Once you have a process perfected I suggest documenting it in your notebook so it is easily repeated down the line.

Thanks for advice.

I have had success in the past but recently, what I showed tends to happen.

Documenting the process seems to be a wise move.