Poached eggs in bag?

I was really hoping that the sv cooking would be quicker and easier particularly when doing poached eggs. Has anyone tried to put the egg directly into a bag and then cook? If so are there things to look out for? I.e.: egg sticking to plastic bag?

I have done them this way and they turn out great.

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Its easier to soft poach the egg in its shell for 1 hour, best eggs ever. The plastic wrap is messier and is more work .

Apples and oranges.

A soft-boiled egg cooked in shell for an hour is going to have a completely different texture and flavor than an egg cooked for 4 minutes in plastic wrap. The 4 minute cook is going to be more the traditional boiling water poached egg, whereas the 1 hour in-shell is going to have a yolk that is like custard and be rather rich in flavor. It’s almost decadent.

Thanks for your comments. I will obviously have to experiment and look forward to doing so.

All depends on the temperature. 1 hour at 145F will result in a pretty traditional poached egg style. A few degrees either way will completely change the result.

Very true.

Eggs are very sensitive to heat and time and variations in size make a difference. You also need to know what consistency you like best. When I first got my Anova I did a lot of experimenting with soft boiled, hard boiled and scrambled eggs.

In the end I preferred the ones that were cooked using the sous vide method. I had to balance it with my available time. I now do poached eggs @145° for just over an hour on the weekends.

And my trick: I do a whole bunch of eggs at 147 (usually at same time as a pork tenderloin). Then cool in ice bath and right into the frig. As I use them during the week I get up, put bowl of water into microwave for 2 minutes on high. Take out and drop in the eggs I’m eating that morning from the frig. Then make my coffee, toast, get the paper etc. Egg warms up nicely and ready to go at that time. I’d say keep no longer than 3-5 days this way to be safe.


You can also heat the eggs back up at 130ºF / 54.4ºC using your Precision Cooker without compromising the quality / texture of the eggs. Might take a few minutes longer than the microwave trick, though. Do you find it alters the consistency much when reheating in the microwave?


Not reheating the eggs in the microwave, just using it to make the water hot. Then take out the bowl from microwave, drop in the previously sous vide eggs that were in the frig and give it 5 min or so to warm.

Thanks for all the tips. I did my eggs at 147 degrees for 1 hour. They opened easily (outer white slipped away). Yolks were like custard. Delicious!

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Awesome! Glad you enjoyed

I think I would not use the cooker for a couple of poached eggs, but for making eggs Benedict for guests it is perfect. You can do as many as you want, it doesn’t use any stove top space, and it doesn’t care when you need them done. In addition, hollandaise sauce cooks at the same temperature so you can have bags of that ready to blend when you need it. I use 143.5F