Poached Eggs - Alarming Foam Mountain!

I just got my cooker yesterday - we made beef tenderloin for 4 and it was amazing.
This morning I was like "Look! It does poached eggs!!"
We did not put the eggs in bags - the recipe directions didn’t suggest it, and wouldn’t you then get a weird shape ?

Is bagging really necessary ?  What went wrong here ?

Did you remove the eggs from the shell? Eggs are normally cooked in the shell or if removed from the shell you can cook them in a Ziploc bag. It looks like the impeller that moves the water around whipped your eggs.

Nothing except eggs in their shell are cooked in the heated water without a bag.

Be sure and remove the sleeve and clean everything.


Well at least it wasn’t an expensive cut of meat.

I have found eggs to be very time/temperature critical and even the size can make a difference. When you get them right I think they are excellent. Soft and hard boiled are my favorites. I get jumbo eggs from a farm and we get a lot of double yolks.

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