Eggs in a whisk demo

Eggs with wisk and chopstick

Keeps them off the bottom as well as moving/bouncing around. 167 F for 14 minutes or so. The whisk only held two extra large eggs. The wife really liked hers. A small net would be great for more eggs.

Perhaps a cotton or muslin draw-string bag? A hairnet? Some laddered tights or stockings? Socks! OK, I now have a new use for my old socks. Washed first, of course. Actually, now I’m curious - if you added a strong source of flavour to the water, would it penetrate the shell and flavour the egg while cooking?

@Simon_C I don’t think much penetrates the shell. For Easter coloring we use  brown onion skins and they flavor the eggs a bit only where the shell cracks.

I wish my whisk had a hole in the handle.

No need to waste a wish,, you have money and the internet!