Egg, did the membrane pierce, or something else went awry?

I was using up some free range eggs before buying some more (a 2.5 dozen tray, there has been an egg shortage here based on ukraine / energy costs, uk govt messing farmers around, so many have just given up & either retired or mothballed operations, however the one with the BIG (2 megawatt hour capable wind turbine is obviously operational as it directly supplies their egg farm)

Luckily I have a feed supply nearby, so eggs not a problem for us here in the countryside…

Having left them for over an hour at 63.5 for some eggs on toast whilst studiously ignoring the pompous coronation (all media OFF) I had pierced the eggs with my pricker which has been normal since I found it in a cupboard…

After the 63.5c I upped the temperature a bit for a while to firm up the whites (timing usually works as wife hates “snots” meaning I end up swirling hers properly) but upon removal of egg for “test toast” the yolk was completely liquid?

The egg pricker is standard depth.
The egg pricker has not yielded this result previously

The egg was still “fresh” just not new lay, the supply store obviously sells chicken feed & the eggs are both strong shelled & rich yolkers.

Usually the eggs are NOT kept in the fridge (this is the uk, no need nor desire)
However, on this ocassion for the last 6 my wife had stuck them in the fridge (3c)

I brought the eggs out for a few hours then popped them in early to ensure no remaining core chill.

Cooked for 1 hour at 63.5c

Result totally liquid state when cracked (cooked & edible, I tried it to be sure, no foul off-taste, nor odour (this was 10pm last night, 12 hours passed …all fine)

Whacked up the heat & hard boiled the remainder for the dogs & simply feasted on Gochujang spread on buttered toast.

So, what happened? did egg shell piercer & keeping eggs in fridge thin the older eggs protective layer to the point it couldn’t hold out & let pot water in? …or something else?

Your best guesses are welcomed, I don’t like food-waste nor midnight suppers.

Performed a do over with local free range eggs.

This time though, I did a quick (much hated) high temp cook for 6 mins, ice bath, peel, (no pricked shells) as I was experimenting with ramen eggs marination.

After using the latest 6 up, will do over again but prick the eggs once more.
What i have found with basic (bottle & bag ingredient) non fresh egg marinading is that anything less than 2 days marinade time is a waste regardless of what they say on a youtube video (lIar content creators drumming up audiences etc)

Once done you can see why a few more ingredients are introduced…
I was using granulated white sugar, good sake, good mirin, chinese rice vinegar, good korean naturally brewed soy (soup soy = light, very salty …heads up)

a few more ingredients definitely pay off for flavour, however I’d like a re-useable marinade use, & reboil for second go etc… so my daughter can pull something good together in her university digs.

I’m also playing around because I want a tastier egg for a breadcrumbed scotch egg (deepfried as part of the process, so it’ll be a long haul game, one can only eat so many eggs without untoward ramifications) :wink: