Storing Egg Yolks After Cooked

I’ve been making perfectly runny eggs with my Anova and I want to share this with my family at our upcoming BBQ. My family loves putting eggs on a burger or other foods. However I want to be able to make some egg yolks beforehand and store them for usage at the BBQ. 

If I was to vacuum seal the eggs, then cook them with the Anova, are they safe to consume until they’re removed from the vacuum sealed bags? I would cook them around 62 degrees Celsius (145 Fahrenheit), so they’re safe from any Salmonella when cooked. But I want to know if they’d be unsafe to eat several hours later if they’re kept at room temperature. 

Of course, I could refrigerate them - but I’m not sure if that would help. If someone could let me know if they’re safe, and if so, how long afterwards would a sealed cooked egg yolk be to consume? 

This is a new question and I am not sure what the answer is. I don’t like to guess with food safety. All the eggs I have made are quickly consumed so no real life experience either.

I would put them in a cooler with ice or even in a bag of ice.

You’ve only got about a two hour window before things go south if you keep the cooked eggs at room temperature. After that time, bacteria can invade the eggs that will make you sick after consumption. The best bet is what @Helen suggested; submerge the eggs in an ice bath to get them below 41°F (5°C), then keep them at that temp. If you want to reheat the eggs, put them back in the 63°C bath for 2-3 minutes - that should do the trick. Truthfully, a 63°C egg should be eaten immediately - if you try to play with holding the temp it’s never going to be as good as it was when it was originally cooked. The egg is simply too delicate to handle that much cellular degradation.

Since I got my Anova I can honestly say I have never enjoyed the simple pleasure of a soft cooked egg on multi grain toast with just a little salt and pepper more. We get eggs from a farm and they are larger than normal with a good number of double yolks. I had to adjust the time a bit to get them done perfectly. This was a hard question as I have never thought about not eating them right away.