Pasteurized Eggs

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I am moving to Malaysia and will be buying my eggs straight from the farmer at the wet markets. As I like to eat my eggs very soft and sometimes raw I would like to pasteurize my eggs using the Anova.

My question is how long can I keep the eggs after I pasteurize them before using? I normally keep them in the fridge.

If they are pasteurised I can’t really see why it should be any different in storage terms than a fresh egg. The theory of pasteurisation is, of course, to process the egg at a high enough temperature to kill the bacteria but low enough to not impact the proteins in the egg. The egg will have been immersed in water it will require refrigeration due to cuticle damage, but that’s the case with American and Australia commercially produced eggs anyway because they’ve been washed.

But the chances of contamination in eggs is really very, very tiny.

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Thanks @Ember, much appreciated.

In Europe the eggs aren’t refrigerated as they are in the US. It seems that the US requires farmers to wash their eggs and that washing removes some natural protection. This is not the case in Europe and they leave their eggs at room temp (but not indefinitely).

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Thank you kinseyfobes.

An interesting read. I was rather shocked at the levels of salmonella deaths in the US though.

Sometime last year the U.K. government announced that salmonella had been expunged from all flocks and it was again safe to eat raw eggs. (until the next outbreak :wink: )

This is not to do with pasteurising and may not be of any use to you, but I have lived in Malaysia for seven years now and I buy my eggs (kampong eggs, meaning eggs from the village) - I’ve never had any problems or heard of any one having problems. Just thought I’d tell you, in case you were thinking standards weren’t great, hence needing to pasteurise. The eggs from the wet market are always beautifully fresh and better than I’d buy in the UK.

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Thanks @Wendy_Kendall for the advice, much appreciated.

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