Pasteurize Eggs for Recipies calling for Raw Eggs

I have a hand-me-down recipe for a cake frosting that called for a raw egg. With the scare of making people sick, I stopped making it. I read you can use pasteurized eegs. Google reports you can pasteurize your own by dropping an egg into 140F for 3 minutes, but never warmer than 142. (Jumbo eggs for 5 minutes). The article said to regulate the burner. Ha, the ANOVA is perfect for this task. The frosting was great, Just what mom made without the worries.

The chances of salmonella in an egg are less than 0.1%. But, yes, the Anova offers the perfect tool for pasteurising eggs. It might be better achieved at lower temperatures for a longer time to have less impact on the egg itself. Baldwin is one of the best sources for pasteurisation information.