SV Removes Salmonella From Eggshells.

Researchers at Australia’s Flinders University discovered that raw eggs could be decontaminated of surface Salmonella by placing them in water heated to 57ᴼC (134.6ᴼF) for 9 minutes. There was minimal impact on egg quality by the process.

Raw eggs are often used in making mayonnaise, mousse, and ice cream and may present foodborne illness risks in preparation by handling.

Source: Journal of Foodborne Pathogens and Disease, November 21, 2019.

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Not really new… Just officially confirmed, I guess.

But, salmonella actually affects less than 1% of eggs. The impact of salmonella on raw chicken is greater due to the way it is processed, particularly in the US.

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That’s right, if the CDC and FDA cared enough about the health of Americans egg producers would have to sell clean eggs, or label them as potentially hazardous.

Egg producers are required to sell clean eggs in the US:

JoshK is right as I know of too, this shouldn’t be an issue as shells must be cleaned.

Guga at SV Everything youtube channel (link below), did a wonderful experiment of various egg cooking temps for 1 hour - I recall that pasteurization of the interior occurred at 135 F.