This Mornings Discovery

I got the Anova One Friday in the mail so I thought I would try it with poached eggs. It has a stronger impeller motor and the water moves at a good clip in a medium sized stock pot.

I was looking for somthing easy to hold the eggs and keep them from cracking. The strainers I have are either too large or too small. My eye then caught site of a large wire whisk. I was easily able to hold the wires apart and inserted 3 eggs. I tried and it will hold 5 Jumbos to give you an idea on size. I placed the handle next to the circulator and the eggs opposite. It worked perfectly and allowed easy extraction when they were done.

Necessity truly is the mother of invention :slight_smile: How 'bout a photo?

Here is the whisk loaded with 3 Jumbo eggs. I think if I tried I could squeeze in 2 more. THe handle rests near the circulator with the eggs on the oppositr side.

Ha ha, I like it!

I did these 3 hard boiled and they were absolutely perfect. Tender firm whites and a yolk that was not dry at all.

Thats actually a really cool idea !

Too Kool… Nice Solution

I WILL find my whisks. Great idea.