My first extended use of the Anova Precision Developer Unit

Finally got around to getting >1 hour cook time with the new Anova cooker. The device preformed flawlessly for previous uses including various eggs (love using eggs as a precision “metric”).

Long story short: have a couple pounds of pork shoulder in with fixings in a bag (food saver) at 149.F with intentions to let it go for 36-37 hours.

I’ll update in a couple days.


Late to bring the finished product but (almost) everything worked out. I didn’t get a great vacuum from my food saver so the added fat floated to the top in a small air bubble. The new Anova worked perfectly and I confirmed the temp with my pen thermometer several times over the 36 hours of bathing.

Straight out of the bag, the pork still had bite but gave way to a little pull. The meat was very moist. After chilling, the meat was portioned (pulled off from the bone in segments) and frozen before a short thaw and shallow frying. The high heat fry added the caramelization and crispiness the pork needed as well as reheated the pork.

A quick chop, seasoning and plating (taco building) =

(Sorry for the low light pic)

Easy perfect carnitas without filling the house with pork smell (not a bad thing for me actually).

I realized today that with a bit more effort though, porchetta would’ve been a better endeavor. Chopped porchetta would make an excellent taco protein and then I’d have porchetta too. Maybe I’ll do one for Thanksgiving.