#AnovaLoveStory: Love & Precision Cooking

Lovely Anovies!

I used to avoid the kitchen because I had no meat game, but now, with the Precision Cooker, my meat game has gone from cardboard pork chops to restaurant-worthy short ribs. That is my Anova love story in a nutshell.

We've heard a lot of stories from all of you about how cooking with your Anova device has changed your world for the better. We would LOVE to get a few of you SF Cookers involved in a mini-documentary to help spread the word about Anova Culinary and the ability for people to achieve resto-quality results at home.

If you're located in San Francisco and want to become a star by sharing your Anova love story with the world on camera, please let me know. We'll be creating video of testimonials and will be trekking around the city of SF, when possible invading peoples' home kitchens to film their story. If home invasions aren't your thing, we'll find an alternative location. Not in SF? We'd love to hear from you -- send me your story and help us inspire the world to join the Anova movement.

With Anova Love,

@jordon No mention of your fried chicken?

@john.jcb Haha! Too much of a shameful moment in my culinary memories. Sadly, I’m forced to relive the series of events every time I sweep the patio…

@jordan I’m buying a deep fryer this afternoon and giving this recipe a go. I will make sure to cover my patio with newspaper first :stuck_out_tongue:

@jordon We all have culinary endeavors we would rather forget. I would tell you stories of mine but they are long forgotten. I think with sous vide you will find very few failures.

@Simon_C Yes! Haha, let me know how it goes!!

@john.jcb True, I have many myself! Hoping to hear stories from people who now cook more often because of their Anova device, or from people who have used their device to cook things that they never would have tried before. Stories about how Anova has helped them and potentially even changed their lifestyle with cooking.

@jordan I should have read the recipe properly before buying the ingredients, drumsticks were cheap so I snagged some yesterday but they need 2½ hours in the bath, which for me rules out mid-week cooking. Rather than waste them perhaps I will use my much-neglected pressure cooker (the poor thing has been giving the evil eye to my APC). 


You can cook your chicken for 2 1/2 hours on the weekend, freeze it, and then reheat and finish it during the week in much less time.