New Anova Owner!!

Was in the market for a home sous vide and was torn between Anova and Joule. This weekend I was snooping on Amazon and saw the Fathers Day sale. Couldn’t pass it up for $109. Got it Monday and Ran to get some New York strips.


For some lame reason I can’t upload photos from my tablet… Sad day…

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Ahhhh that’s freaking awesome! Welcome to the community. So question - how did the strips turn out?!

It came out phinominal! The best steak ive had was my co-worker’s. He used Anova then threw it on his green egg. Mine came second lol. We have a lot of Brazilian, American, and Argentinean steakhouses in my area, after getting Anova I won’t go back. Better steaks less money.

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@Roman511 YES! I’m glad it came out delicious. It’s definitely a game changer for steaks! I find myself judging steak a little more at restaurants now! :blush: