Flawless for the holidays! Thanks Anova!

I just want to say that even though it was a bit longer of a wait than I wanted, it was worth the wait for me. I ordered 2 black 110v units off kickstarter and got them early December. Some of the foods I have cooked with it so far are:

  • 4 Full racks of pork ribs at a time (Cooked at 145 for almost 2 days) - I have done this twice and gotten RAVE reviews from friends and family, I finish them off with BBQ sauce and a blow torch.
  • 1.5 inch thick pork chops (Cooked at 145 for 1.5 hours) - Super juicy and delicious
  • Chicken breasts - cooked both fresh and raw vac sealed frozen - Perfect!
  • STEAKS!!! OMG so perfect cooked with a little salt (salt both before vac sealing and after taking out fo the bag) and finished off with a blow torch and smear some melted butter on top. I cooked 10 steaks at once for a big family gathering - 2 different temps: Med and Well. Everyone LOVED them, best steak anyone had ever had, literally. (NOTE: I tried cooking them with a pat of butter sealed in the vac sealed bag and they turned out dry, YMMV)
  • Eggs!! One morning we had 15 people at our house for breakfast. No problem, I just put in 25 eggs in a 145 F water bath. 75 minutes later I took them out. I dropped them out to the shell directly to simmering water in a small pot on the stove for about 10-15 seconds. PERFECT poached eggs, the yolk is almost spreadable. Super RAVE reviews from the guests, and I could pump them out as fast as we could toast the bread.
  • Salmon! Cooked at 130 F for 23 minutes and finished off with a blow torch (Note the super hot pan just seemed to over cook them). I vac packed them with some salt and a thin slice of lemon and torched them with the lemon still on. SO so so good!!! I cooked about 15 portions at once for Christmas dinner. Super big hit!!

I just hit one dish after another out of the park after another! I almost can’t seem to go wrong. I love this thing! I am using some cambrio containers that I got off of amazon to cook with them. No problems at all with either unit (Crossing my fingers). My wife was skeptical at first - especially when I bought 2, but she loved the results now! I also live that I can load up on meat and vac seal it when I get home, I can freeze it right in the bags and toss them right in to the sous vide water - just add an extra 15 minutes or so. I also used it to defrost my ribs in about 15-20 minutes so that I could half each rack to vac seal it the night before starting them cooking. It works like magic for defrosting. I am loving these things and they have changed the way I cook for the better.

So thanks Anova!!! Great devices and a super happy customer here!!


@nwhiatt I'm so sorry we missed this but thank you so much for sharing about your experience! We're so glad you are enjoying your Precision Cookers!! What are your favorites for cooking? I'm assuming you've probably done quite a bit since January ;)