Happy new user

I just got my Anova this afternoon.  I started by making 2 poached eggs at 143.5 for 1 hour, which turned out great with a nice runny yolk.  My daughter is graduating from college on Saturday, and for a family dinner celebration I’m making a 2-pound beef tenderloin in the Anova.  It’s an expensive hunk of meat, but I’m going to go for it.  I think the equipment is brilliant.  I love the elegant design.

Wow - you should take some photos and share once its done :D 

Sounds like an awesome Saturday dinner celebration !
And welcome to our little corner of the internet :slight_smile:

Welcome to the community. After the meat is cooked be sure and season generously. Tenderloins are great using the Anova. What I do is buy a whole tenderloin and then cut it into 1.5 inch steaks. The best shaped ones I freeze and pull out for a treat and the odd shaped ends get cooked right away. Even the thinnest part is perfectly cooked.