Popped eggs, how to prevent?

I SV ‘poached’ eggs yesterday, but one popped. That seems to happen. Why, and how to prevent them from popping.

I am having such a blast learning SV. Thank you ANOVA!!!

By popped mean that they broke due to pressure within the egg breaking the shell? Or one broke due to impact with another egg? When I first started making eggs sous vide I had the problem of them cracking due to the strong water current. I corrected this by slipping the raw eggs into a balloon whisk for cooking. If the eggs are exploding I have not seen this except when a microwave is used.

Maybe try piercing the air cell at the rounder end? That’s a common thing to do when boiling eggs. At what temperature are you cooking the eggs?

Yes, I believe due to internal pressure, as some albumin is forced out.

A pin hole in the round end would give the pocket of air a way out.

I have been doing breakfast SV ‘poached’ eggs often over the past couple of weeks with no issue of albumin issues. The changes are; bringing the eggs to near room temperature, and using much nicer eggs than are available at home - Eggland’s Best® very fresh.

Had one popped egg of five today as I gently lowered them into boiling water. It floated after popping, none of the others floated. England’s Best ®

If the round end had a pin hole in it, the air would be able to escape.

I have a recipe for poached eggs that deal with this issue but due to the sheer stupidity of not actually having a publish recipe option for recipe’s you create, I cannot share that information.

The publish recipe section of your profile is just as stupid as the ratings they have for recipes you create. There is no way to publish recipes you create making it impossible to have your recipe rated.

Not that I am aware of.

You could post it here for members to see.

I could but I won’t. Anova needs to allow recipes people come up with to be published exactly as is built into the app. This shit of only having certain people get their information out is just as retarded as having a setup in the app for pictures and shit no one can see. But the utmost retarded thing above all, is the rating they have within the create recipe. Who the fuck is able to rate it?

It’s as if no one is allowed to post things that might or could be better than the elected people…