Cloudy water reused after sous vide-ing eggs

Last week, I used a stock pot of water to sous vide eggs. The eggs were brown (I.e. The shells weren’t white), they had ink markings, and were placed directly in the water (not in a bag or container). I used aluminum foil during the cook and covered the pot of water with the same piece of foil after I took out the eggs and the water cooled down. I was going to use the water again today, but it’s cloudy and started frothing when I put the Anova in. What’s causing the cloudiness? Is this water safe to use for another round of sous vide? I’ve put my stuff in and am regretting it right now. Thanks!

I noticed the same thing after some eggs. Mine was from egg white leaking from a tiny crack. Now I bag eggs, four to a sandwich sized bag using some hot water from the bath to fill some of the space between. I allow a few more minutes.

I don’t think this will hurt bagged food but I recommend taking the Anova apart and cleaning it. The lower tube comes off.

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@Kael Yeah, I can only see that happening with a small leak! You should definitely take @RichardOL’s suggestion!