Temperature Flashes between temp and FILL

The temperature on my APC pro was flashing between the temperature and the word FILL. It appeared to be properly cooking. The water level was about 5 to 5.5 inches. The water never approached the minimum setting. I took the APC out of the bracket so the water reached the maximum line and the flashing did not stop. This was my first time using it. It is running firmware 3.3.35.

Here is a link to a video showing the issue: APC Pro on Vimeo. The video shows a high water level. But I was moving the APC around to determine if hitting or going above the max line would stop the flashing FILL. It did not.

Thank you in advance for assistance.

Thanks for the video, it often helps.

Are you new to sous vide?
Do / can you fit a lid (bodgineer one) I use an instantpot inner steel pan for my day to day cooks. a tight seal keeps moisture (which screws with circuitry as well as affects heating / moisture loss & heat up times… so get one, allow the unit to cook itself dry (just in case) in the sun to check if it is that & take it from there, …stand it upright in the sun so moisture moves away!?? & if no joy after a few drying sessions email the thread & the footage with a bit of detail to customer service.

Is it under warranty?

If you have been running it a long time without a moisture seal …naughty (makes it far more energy & time efficient)

Thank you for the reply. This was my first time using it. Turns out that my machine was defective. I contacted support and they were very prompt and I have a new machine.

To your point, I also purchased an Anova generic lid and a cooker insulated container.

Thanks for coming back & letting us know, I sent a unit up for an acquaintance to borrow, my new & sealed spare unit (low energy cooking / lifestyle) in one cook he was “wow” …don’t let misfortune put you off, & even if you don’t use the app, use the “Kenji” guide to done-ness to make the first forays easy, hint steaks are easy, eggs take a bit of experience & luck (I’m fine with “snotty egg” protein on toast, wife makes me finish hers as a pretty good, properly poached egg, …& the headstart with a sous vide makes that simple as it is just finishing off (I use a tiny chinese surface skimmer to move yet keep my egg spinning in the flow…

Prawns are an absolute favourite of mine (north atlantic, not your monsters) which along with instantpot rice done PIP & mean I am happy eating rice at least twice a day (inc breakfast) as they are so succulent via sous vide (a basic bag of pink cooked & frozen, gently reheated, …lovely texture.

Salad chicken LOW but pasteurised temp …wow!
Sausages for easy reheat & pan batch cook finishing… you’ll get the drift.

Worst result for me was a leg of lamb,

Kenji’s is the second link (or find it on the app) rather than getting bogged down in other peoples uploads.

Whilst this forum does get quiet (ie no instant answers) it does get regular check ins from stalwarts.
(plenty of online / youtube assistance these days too)

Burgers, (frozen) yes really, are a good cheap tester, & if you fancy comparing meat & “faux” our family now prefer the “beyond” brand!

Don’t start on pricey cuts, baby steps, that way you end up using it for so much more than a chunk of steak.

Hope to see you on the boards!