Eggs for a crowd

I am a new Anova / sous vide user and have been experimenting with poached eggs at a few different temps to find the result that will suit everyone in the family. We have a Eggs Benedict breakfast on Christmas every year and my father-in -law does 30 -36 eggs but they are always overdone with the method he uses. I am going to try to use the Anova and poach them this year. My question is, with the guide times and temps it says 1 -12 eggs, do i need to increase either to cook this many at once or if i have them i a large enough vessel will these time and temps produce the same results i’ve been getting? Thanks for any info or pointers ! Happy Holidays all !

I do not see why adding more eggs would make any difference if like you say your vessel is large enough for them. The only issue I could see in doing that many is if they are taken straight from the refrigerator and all placed in the hot water it may alter the cooking time slightly as everything comes back up to cooking temperature. If I were doing it I would let my eggs come up to room temperature on the counter.,
Yes of course, eggs always need to be at room temp to cook in my opinion. I am just going to go for it then, at least they will be poached and not overcooked, if the whites aren’t set how i’d like i can use a pot of hot water to drop them in and finish. Thanks for the reply, Happy Holidays !

Just use plenty of water so the temperature doesn’t drop too much when you add the eggs.

:slight_smile:Thanks for the tip. Happy Holidays!