Perfect poached eggs in shell

What are the best temperatures/times everyone has calculated for the perfect poached egg? Ive seen alot at 45 minutes.

I cook my poached eggs at 167 °F (75 °C) for 15 minutes. I then crack the shell and slide the egg into a small bowl and remove it with a spoon leaving almost all of any loose white behind. I get farm fresh jumbo eggs, smaller eggs cook a bit less. With my eggs I am surprised about 20% of the time with a double yolk. A little sea salt and freshly cracked pepper and you have a real treat.

Size and freshness really matter here. Eggs whites get more watery with age. Use the freshest you can get. Once you hit on your perfect cook write it down including weight of egg used. Eggs are not difficult to cook sous vide but unlike meat they require careful attention to detail for consistency.

John, you might want to try placing the cooked egg in a fine mesh strainer for a few seconds before serving.

I do my partner’s eggs at 75C for 13 minutes followed by quick ice bath dunk with “Free Run Large” eggs. Always happy with the result.

Chef Steps has a very nice Egg Calculator at so you can try out different times and temperatures.