App Preheating

My water has reached the desired temperature, the app on my phone alerts me, but rather than waiting for me to tap OK the app begins the actual countdown for the cooking. It usually takes me a few minutes to actually get my phone placed properly in the cooker, but since the timer has already started it, the time is off. The timer should not start until I actually click OK.

Good idea! Just a tip, if you want, you can place the food in the water while it’s heating up. Then when the temp is ready, the timer starts and the food is already there!

Hey there @redmondm0! :slight_smile:

Thanks for the feedback! This is something that’s known in the app. But this is a very good thing to mention - I can forward this info to our product team. Maybe this is something we can possibly work on!

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Maybe as an option. If the chef isn’t there to start the timer sometimes he may want it to start by itself while he is out picking herbs.

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…or you use an applet on either Apple Watch or Google Gear to notify the chef picking herbs that it’s time to start the cook - giving you the option to start the timer immediately, or defer it to a manual start. :slight_smile: