Oven app and timing

My favorite oven interaction is with my KitchenAid wall ovens and goes like this:

  • choose a mode (bake, broil, convection or not, etc.)
  • type in a temperature. if the probe is plugged in it also asks for the target temperature for that.
  • press start and it starts up.
  • when it reaches temperature, I sometimes wait for the oven to be fully warmed up, then put the food in, press the timer button, give it a time and hit start again.

Most of the ovens I’ve owned work against this practical process. I don’t want to stand by the oven so I can pop in the food when it reaches temperature.

From the APO display, this works pretty well in that I can wait for it to warm up, then put in the food and set a timer on the display. It starts automatically.

From the oven app, I can add a timer after I put in the food, but that timer does not show up on the display. Or should I say it does briefly, then switches to counting time up.

Also from the oven app, you can set a timer to start immediately, after preheat and manually.

First, I do not know what they mean by manually. When I tried it I could not figure out what to do.

Second, in the latest version of the app I cannot choose manually. Only the other two. Not sure what changed.

Any thoughts or ideas on all this appreciated.