Delayed Start Option

The Wi-Fi Precision Cooker FAQ states that there is a delayed start option. How exactly does it work and where is this option in the app?

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For reference, I’m using the iOS app.

Hey bdswan !

There isn’t currently a delayed start option, but its a feature we’ve got on the roadmap and plan to add.
I’ve gone ahead and removed that erroneous statement off the FAQ as well. I appreciate the heads up!


Thanks, really looking forward to it.

Try reading this tread as well.

Hi, there used to be an ice bath option where the app will warm you on when the water gets to the point where the meat isn’t safe without cooking it.

What happened to that option?

I don’t understand how that would work. It means you would have to place your food in a water bath at room temp so that it would start at a later time. That would be unsafe, wouldn’t it?

There’s this thread that’s discussing the elimination of the feature that would alert when your ice bath moved into the “danger zone” for temperature:

No, you wouldn’t be putting your food into room temperature water and leaving it there for several hours - that’s certainly a recipe for getting sick! :slight_smile: Using an ice bath is how you can have a delayed cook that you can kick off several hours later without having to be there to put the food in the bath. (ideally, you do some experiments/tests with your own ice bath, ratio of ice to water, etc, so you know what the cooling rates are as well as how long it will take the Anova PC to get it up to the desired cooking temperature - as you’ll still have a target time that you’ll want your food to be ready) :slight_smile:

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Yes. This sounds ideal but I definitely want an alert if something unforeseen happens to change my timeline on ice melting. For example, last summer my ac went out in my house and within a couple hours my house went up to 93 degrees.

If you have an insulated vessel, it’ll still hold its temperature quite well.
On the power outage front - I always have my PC on a UPS if I’m doing a cook more than an hour or so (or if I’m not going to be home). Default behaviour is that it does NOT resume the cook if power is lost (this is by design - so people don’t get sick with their food unknowingly being in the danger zone for several hours.

More info on the UPS topic here:

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@Bill, can you give an update if this feature will be added in 2017?



As far as monitoring an ice bath for a delayed start, I would suggest using the Fireboard cloud based thermometer. It will set off an alarm at a temperature you set on your smartphone, send text message, email etc. Very cool Wifi product. It might seem pricey, but it is cheaper than a trip to the ER. I really love mine and the company is outstanding on customer support. You can be anywhere in the world and monitor the temperature since it is cloud based.

Hi @Bill, any plans for 2018?

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@Alex_Semenyaka Are you referring to the ice bath feature? If so, it’s already in the app (for Wi-Fi).

Super excited about the “monitoring ice bath” feature. This is very useful!! Thank you!

Like many other users, I pack my frozen sous vide meat in the ice bath when leaving in the morning. Most of my cooking takes between 2 to 4 hours hours and I want them to be ready by 6:30PM.

Right now, I setup an alarm on my phone between 2:30PM and 4:30PM depending on what I cook, to remind me to remotely start the Anova device.

If I understand, this thread is asking about a feature that would allow to set a start time for the cooker directly within the app. If that’s correct, then I’d love it and use it all the time.

Any update on the feature potential availability time frame would be great!

Thanks for this great product, love it.

Hi @cailloux,
Regarding the ice bath feature I personally have not yet used it, but among those posting on this forum @SouthernDad is a seasoned veteran when it comes to ice bath cooks! You might be able to glean some first hand information on using it by taking a look at posts he has made on this forum.
Good luck!


it’s slightly concerning that your documentation has features that do not currently exist. scheduling is another fine example.

Come on. I’ve been waiting for 2 years on this simple feature! It’s a simple timer, it simply can’t be on the drawing board for 2 years!!!

I could really use it today (again)… I’m going to prepare a rather large potion of meat 12lbs (5 packs) thus my water bath is something like to 6gal… If I had the timer today I would set the timer to start heating the water (without meat in it) at like 5am so when I wake up at 7 I can put the meat straight in and still allow time for the meat to be cooked. Do I wait until 7am to start heating the water the anova struggles keeping up.

@StenerFranz, I know this doesn’t really address the issue, but I usually use an electric kettle in conjunction with my Anova when I start my cook. It can quickly bump your water bath temp up - especially useful on high temp cooks like Creme Brulee! You can have the water bath up to cooking temps in just a few minutes for those times when you’re in a hurry - or as in your case where you have a large volume bath to heat up.

I hope they add a delayed start soon, but until they do I hope this info helps you out.

I would also vote for Delayed Start feature. Very simple use case is - I want to have my eggs ready when I wake up, so I want to start the cooker an hour before. Seems like very simple, yet powerful feature. How do you solve this without delayed start? Having the cooker on for a whole night seems inefficient to me…

I am already hearing the arguments that delayed start feature is there for saving people from getting sick, but why you don’t let me to control if I get sick or not? And note below as this seems as mainly US forum and while googling this topic I noticed that there are different “eggs regulations” in US and Europe which requires the “US eggs” to be refrigerated while eggs in Europe are safe if kept at room temperature (of course, they last longer refrigerated) - I am quite sure nothing happens to it if kept outside for one night…