Developer API/SDK

Whats’s the status on the developer API that Rod Begbie talked about in the following blog post Cloud Cooking — Welcome to the future! ?

@TMAR Will check with Rod and let you know!

Hey @TMAR.

We’ve built the API, and are using it in our own apps.  It’ll probably be another few months before it’s ready to be made available for public use.

I’m always keen to hear what kinds of things people would like to build with the API.  Let me know what you’re thinking of doing, and I can make sure the API is suitable for your usage.

I’d like to get ahold of the SDK.

I’d also be very interested in having access to an SDK.  I have a kitchen dashboard application which monitors my smoker, and several other kitchen devices, that I’d like to integrate my Anova PC into.

I would love this to roll my own integration with IFTTT if it’s not on the short term roadmap.

I use the api so that I could pull the set temp and measured temp to my temp probe logging server.

Being able to set the temperature would also be nice.

I’d love to be able to tie it into my Amazon Echo. Actually, I’d love for someone else to do it, but I’d give it a shot if not.

Access to an API would be wonderful. The Anova has pretty high precision. I can easily use it for applications other than cooking. I want the API so that I can use the Anova as a water bath controller in a crystal growth chamber. I need to record and control the temperature for multiple Anovas simultaneously. I usually run three to four crystal growth chambers at a time. Crystal growth requires +/- 1 C temperature control with tuned temperature ramps. All I need the API to do it to report the temperature, and allow me to change the set-point. On my end, I’d probably opt for a python script to monitor temperatures and run the temperature ramps. I will happily buy a few more Anovas… because commercial water bath controllers are more than 10x the price.

I would love to make an app that stores your own self-made times and temps for use later.  Maybe even create profiles that allow for temp changes as a function of time?

@Rod I’d be interested in making a windows UWP app, so I can get notifications on my computer.  It would also be fun to link it to my hue lights for when it’s up to temp.

I’m more than happy to try a work in progress API.

Still no API?


Also hanging out for this feature