Do I increase time or temp?

I’m really sorry if this appears twice - my first post doesn’t seem to have ‘posted’. I’m pretty new to Anova and love it. I’m currently corning some beef to cook over a couple of days next week.
My question is about juggling times and temps. If I cook a piece of meat and I’m happy with the ‘doneness’ of it (ie it’s cooked to medium or well done, whatever is appropriate for the recipe, and is moist and juicy), but I’d like it to be a bit less chewy and a bit more tender, do I increase the cooking time or the temp or both?

Good rule of thumb: Time=tenderness. More time (within reason) equates to more tender!


Thanks for that. I thought that would be the case (that’s what I’d do in a normal oven). So then if something isn’t quite done, it would pay to increase the temperature a bit next time - is that right?

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Yup! The nice thing about the Anova is you can cook it longer and NOT cook it any more “done”, as where your oven will continue increasing the internal temp.


If the item is not quite done I should increase time? How about temp?

Increase temp if you want it more done :slight_smile:

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Once you know a temperature for the right doneness, start a list of times and temperatures. I thought I could remember, but as I cooked a number of different foods I found that I couldn’t exactly remember.